Toronto United Pickleball Club Triumphs in CNPL 2023 Championship: Making Canadian Pickleball History


In a dazzling display of skill, resilience, and pure passion for the game, the Toronto United Pickleball Club emerged victorious in the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) 2023 Championship, held at One Health Club in Mississauga, ON, this past weekend. Their journey, from a challenging start in the Eastern Split in Guelph to a historic triumph in the finals, is nothing short of inspirational.

The Toronto United Pickleball Club faced a rocky start during the Eastern Split in Guelph, but adversity only fueled their determination. With unwavering dedication and a remarkable team spirit, they regrouped, strategized, and came back stronger than ever.

The turning point for Toronto United came in the Western Split, where they showcased not only their individual prowess but also the power of teamwork. Match after match, they left a trail of victories, earning their spot in the playoffs and building momentum for the challenges ahead.

The playoffs witnessed Toronto United’s extraordinary performance, with each member of the team contributing to their success. Matthew Kawamoto, Hannah Blatt, Mark Gottfried, and Carolina Hack displayed exceptional skill, strategic brilliance, and sheer determination, going undefeated throughout the playoffs.

In the championship final, Toronto United faced the formidable Wolverines in a hard-fought battle that had spectators on the edge of their seats. The intensity of the competition mirrored the stakes – a chance to make history as the first-ever CNPL champions.



Against all odds, Toronto United emerged victorious, securing their place in Canadian pickleball history as the inaugural CNPL champions. Their triumph is a testament to the resilience of the team, the strategic brilliance of their plays, and the unyielding spirit that defines pickleball as a sport.

A heartfelt congratulations to Matthew Kawamoto, Hannah Blatt, Mark Gottfried, and Carolina Hack for their phenomenal performance, dedication, and sportsmanship throughout the championship weekend. Toronto United’s journey from a challenging start to the pinnacle of success is a story that will inspire pickleball enthusiasts across the nation.

As the CNPL 2023 season concludes, we eagerly anticipate the next season, where the Toronto United Pickleball Club will defend their title and new contenders will rise. The energy, passion, and camaraderie exhibited during this inaugural season set the stage for an exciting future for professional pickleball in Canada.

Here’s to the Toronto United Pickleball Club – the first-ever Canadian National Pickleball League Champions. Your victory is a celebration of talent, teamwork, and the sheer joy of the game. We can’t wait to witness more pickleball magic in the seasons to come! CNPL 2023 Championship Re-Cap video on the way – stay tuned!


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