CNPL Rules v1.03 13AUG23


The team designated as the away team will decide their lineup for mixed doubles no later than 15 minutes before the match. The team designated as the home team will then counter with their lineup for mixed doubles. 5 minutes before the match begins the team captains will meet the referee(s) at the court to set the scoresheets.


Each team will have a two-minute warmup period prior to each game. Players are expected to practice on a court nearby and be ready to play all matches including their first match, fully equipped. Additional warmup courts and times will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the day’s immediate format and scheduling needs. Players should not expect additional warmup time after team matches have started.


The team designated as the away team will make the choice for a coin flip. The winner of the coin flip will choose the order of games to be played in the match OR the side they start on and the loser will choose the other. The home team will serve.


Each CNPL event format and order will be determined by the league officials. For the 2023 season each game will be played with standard rally scoring to 15 points, win by 1, with any winning point to be scored on a teams own serve. There will be four games played each match in the order selected by the winner of the coin toss. Teams will change ends between games. This order and format are subject to change by the CNPL officials. In rally scoring, players do not switch serving (playing) sides after each point. Players may only switch playing sides during a time-out.


A team being frozen means they can only score their remaining point(s) in the game on their own serve. The first team to reach 14 points will freeze and will reduce the freeze threshold to 13. If the trailing team is not at 13 points, they will continue to score rally points until they reach 13 points and will then be frozen.


Teams will each be allowed 2 time-outs per game and up to one-minute each time. Players must call “time-out” directly to the referee who will acknowledge and commence setting a timer. The referee will say “time-over” when the one-minute is up. 


Additional time-outs may be called by the CNPL officials and/or referees for purposes of livestream and/or broadcast, to address equipment issues, or for any other reason deemed necessary by CNPL or the Commissioner. Time-outs are also permitted to be called for referee, fan, equipment operator, or player injury. Non-player time-outs should be held to a maximum of 15-minutes unless otherwise determined at the discretion of the Commissioner. The 15-minute timer will start when medical staff have arrived at the court side.


Sideline coaching by non-playing players is permitted when the match is not in play providing that it does not interrupt or disrupt the opposing team in any way. Official line calls must come from the players on court directly and should not be delayed. Once a call has been made by the referee there are no further challenges allowed on the play.


Team substitutions must be nominated and approved by CNPL officials and designated prior to a match commencing. This alternate rule is to allow for play to continue in the event of a player injury, illness, or emergency personal/family events.

During an event if a player is substituted off for a non-injury reason that player will be removed from further play. If a player is substituted off for an injury and is subsequently recovers from that injury their return will be at the discretion of the Commissioner.

Teams are not allowed to substitute a player during a live match and must wait until the match is over, only then can a team substitute for an alternate to be used in subsequent matches to follow. If a player becomes injured, ill, or required to leave for emergency personal/family events the team must forfeit the current game.


Certified referees will be provided for all matches. On the court will be one lead referee and a tracking referee. The CNPL may include additional tracking methods at a later date. Based on the availability of referees and at the discretion of the Commissioner games may be played with only one referee.


There will be no live instant replay of results for the purpose of review. We will not rely on technology for the purpose of reviews or challenges. All reviews and challenges will be at the discretion of the referee(s).


In the event that each of the two teams win two games within a match, those teams will compete in a head-to-head rotational singles match. Each member of a team will play 3 points until a total score of 15 is reached. The teams will switch sides of the court when one team reaches a score of 8. Normal freeze rules will apply to tiebreakers.