Kean Doherty - Editor-at-large

Kean Doherty – Editor-At-Large

The CNPL is proud to welcome seasoned journalist and editor Kean Doherty as its new Editor-at-Large!

Kean has a wealth of experience writing sports, from professional hockey, baseball, football and basketball to golf, rugby, soccer, tennis and junior and collegiate sports. As for Pickleball, this is his first foray into what he describes as a “fantastic” sport, one he was surprised had grown so much as to include professional clubs – and even Mark Cuban as an owner in the U.S. league. While Kean hasn’t played the game much – yet — he loves the sport and will be a great addition to the website as a veteran writer and commentator.

He is quite excited for what lies ahead in the CNPL and will be in attendance to document all the exciting action at some of the upcoming qualifiers, regular season matches and playoffs!

Kean is also a proud veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and during his time there he was a member of the Air Force and the Military Intelligence branch, retiring for good in 2021. He is also a family man, having married his wonderful wife Karen in 2005. They have a son, Konner, 17, who is an avid runner and computer whiz. He will no doubt introduce his family – and extended family – to the fast-paced, exhilarating sport of Pickleball.

Kean is an avid hockey player – still – and has enjoyed playing it for many decades – while also writing extensively about the game. He also took up curling in 2018 in Fergus, Ontario and has even made his way up to skip in one of the leagues he plays in. Kean can also be found on the golf course during the warmer months, time which will likely have to be shared with an invigorated interest in the great game of Pickleball.

In closing, if you see Kean around the pickleball courts during CNPL events, be sure to say hi and engage him about the game!

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