Schedule For Canadian National Pickleball League’s Inaugural Season Opener at the Sleeman Centre In Guelph, ON, July 29 & 30

Calling all pickleball enthusiasts and sports lovers! The wait is finally over as we proudly announce the grand launch of the Canadian National Pickleball League’s (CNPL) inaugural season opener at the renowned Sleeman Centre in Guelph, Ontario, taking place on July 29th and 30th. This historic event promises to be a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and, most importantly, the sport that has taken the nation by storm – pickleball!


The Sleeman Centre, renowned for hosting exhilarating sports events, is the perfect setting for the CNPL’s inaugural season opener. With its state-of-the-art facilities and spacious courts, the Sleeman Centre promises an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike. Located in the heart of Guelph, the venue’s central location ensures easy accessibility for attendees traveling from near and far.


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The CNPL’s inaugural season opener will be a two-day extravaganza featuring a series of thrilling matches and exciting activities. Here’s a sneak peek at the event schedule:

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  1. Outstanding idea and looking forward to watch. Can you publish team rosters and where players are from? Thanks

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