Rookie DiMuzio Superb in Southwestern Ontario Brewers 5-4 Showing

Talk about making a great first impression. Drafted 8th overall this year, Victoria DiMuzio was a solid 10-4 in seven matches and garnering an outstanding four Player of the Match awards to help lead the Brewers to an admirable 5-4 mark.

Returnee Mark Cleminson was also a force on the court, with a 9-1 record in five matches and a Player of the Match nod. Amanda Rosati, a great offensive threat and fifth overall pick, went 8-8 in eight matches and the returning Reese George capably filled in with a 2-4 record in three matches.

General Manager Brett Shepley also must be pleased with the play of 14th overall pick Mikael Gaumond (5-9 in seven matches) and 21st selection Kyle Hermetz (4-8 in six matches). The highlight of the tournament for the Brewers was a clean sweep of the 6-3 Montreal Lions in their second last match.


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