Prairie Pronghorns Start Eastern Split Strong, Finish with 5-4 Mark

While the Sean McCartan-managed Pronghorns jetted out to a 4-1 mark in the Eastern Split, they ran out of gas later, dropping three of four. Nonetheless, returning veterans Kim Brent (10-6 in eight matches, one Player of the Match) and Brad Chapman (9-7 in eight matches, three Player of the Match) ensured they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Rounding out a strong Pronghorns side are former Northern Roller Emma Li (7-9 in eight matches, one Player of the Match), former Southwestern Ontario Brewer Jeff Elwood (6-6 in six matches), 30th overall pick Kaytlynn Soroka (1-3 in two matches) and 22nd pick Michael McCaffrey (3-5 in four matches).

Of note, the Pronghorns beat the 7-2 Northern Rollers 3-1 after dropping the first game and also downed the 6-3 Montreal Lions in an entertaining five-game match.

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