Job: General Manager

Responsible for drafting, player status changes, and league communications.

Warren Forsythe

Warren, a dedicated RCMP officer for 28 years, commanded various units and detachments, ranging from drug enforcement, homicide, and robbery sections to leading the counter-terrorism assault team. Post-retirement from the RCMP, Warren delved into entrepreneurship, spearheading a diverse array of ventures, including three McDonald's restaurants, a pumpjack installation, a maintenance company, a trucking and crane company, an oil distribution company, and ultimately, a security firm. At the pinnacle of his business endeavors, Warren managed a workforce of over 350 individuals.
Warren's involvement in pickleball stems from familial ties; initially through his wife Kim's engagement and subsequently in a more formal capacity via his son Brett's pickleball enterprise, Poach Pickleball. Personally, Warren identifies as a recreational player, relishing the sport's camaraderie and social ambiance. He appreciates the competitive edge, both in team dynamics and individual challenges, that pickleball offers. Moreover, Warren finds joy in sharing the sport with his grandchildren, recognizing its appeal across all age groups. He perceives pickleball as more than just a pastime; rather, it possesses a captivating allure that often leads enthusiasts to wholeheartedly embrace it—an endeavor he believes can serve as a positive diversion, steering young individuals away from the pitfalls of drug addiction towards a healthier addiction to pickleball.
"If you always do what you've always done, you will always be what you've always been."

Corey Sigvaldason

With over 25 years of coaching experience that has taken him to 5 different continents, Corey brings a great deal of experience and energy to clients. He is a national speaking champion, author, speaker, coach, and trainer. A 40-year veteran consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur, HOP® founder Corey Sigvaldason contributes an unmatched punch of academic insights, business savvy and passion for human potential. Corey has supported thousands across five continents, including top-tiered athletes and sports teams, entrepreneurs, large associations, and Fortune 500s that include Best Buy, Amgen, Microfocus, Lenovo, PWC, Ikea, Gateway Casinos, UBS Bank & many banks and financial services firms and others across many industries.
Corey became an elite athlete early in life, provincially ranked in wrestling and nationally ranked in running. Having always been able to see the potential that was in front of him, he also realized the need for greater coaching and resources to help elite level athletes reach the pinnacle of their success. Enrolling in the military post-graduation fostered a “Grit Mindset” for Corey and a dedication to a purpose bigger than himself: that of protecting a country’s freedom. There, he learned the value in team cohesion and that any one of us is only as good as the rest of the team. Put these experiences together and it is clear why Corey has dedicated himself to helping teams perform at the highest level.
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Sean McCartan

Sean is currently a Captain with Edmonton Fire Rescue and is proud to have both his boys recently start their careers alongside him. Sean started playing pickleball 10 years ago in the firehall and was instantly hooked. He started In A Pickle in 2016 teaching, coaching, and supplying all things pickleball. That lead to building a relationship with DUPR/MLP and in 2022 he agreed represent DUPR/MLP across Canada. Sean’s true passion is competing on the court and has been dabbling in the “Senior Tour” since becoming eligible, but business opportunities keep drawing him to that side of the sport. Sean is very excited to be joining the CNPL and building something special with The Pronghorns.
“Don’t think…just do”

Bret Shepley

With 40 years of corporate leadership experience and 35 years of coaching youth sports, Bret is combining his past life with his newfound passion for Pickleball to help build a championship organization. He understands the amount of work you do prior to competition directly reflects your success during competition.
"Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."

Ricky Liorti

Ricky was introduced to Pickleball only a few years ago but has since become infatuated with the sport. He has worked hard to bring a team to Toronto and understands the game with the best of 'em. His emphasis on building a strong team both on and off the court is that helped TUPC becomes Canada's first ever professional pickleball champs. Rickys past lifes include: tech startup founder, construction manager, party curator, and content creator.
"What we do on the court is important, but it's what we do off the court that will make us champions"