General Manager Warren Forsythe

Current Team

Warren, a dedicated RCMP officer for 28 years, commanded various units and detachments, ranging from drug enforcement, homicide, and robbery sections to leading the counter-terrorism assault team. Post-retirement from the RCMP, Warren delved into entrepreneurship, spearheading a diverse array of ventures, including three McDonald's restaurants, a pumpjack installation, a maintenance company, a trucking and crane company, an oil distribution company, and ultimately, a security firm. At the pinnacle of his business endeavors, Warren managed a workforce of over 350 individuals.

Warren's involvement in pickleball stems from familial ties; initially through his wife Kim's engagement and subsequently in a more formal capacity via his son Brett's pickleball enterprise, Poach Pickleball. Personally, Warren identifies as a recreational player, relishing the sport's camaraderie and social ambiance. He appreciates the competitive edge, both in team dynamics and individual challenges, that pickleball offers. Moreover, Warren finds joy in sharing the sport with his grandchildren, recognizing its appeal across all age groups. He perceives pickleball as more than just a pastime; rather, it possesses a captivating allure that often leads enthusiasts to wholeheartedly embrace it—an endeavor he believes can serve as a positive diversion, steering young individuals away from the pitfalls of drug addiction towards a healthier addiction to pickleball.
"If you always do what you've always done, you will always be what you've always been."