General Manager Corey Sigvaldason

Current Team

With over 25 years of coaching experience that has taken him to 5 different continents, Corey brings a great deal of experience and energy to clients. He is a national speaking champion, author, speaker, coach, and trainer. A 40-year veteran consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur, HOP® founder Corey Sigvaldason contributes an unmatched punch of academic insights, business savvy and passion for human potential. Corey has supported thousands across five continents, including top-tiered athletes and sports teams, entrepreneurs, large associations, and Fortune 500s that include Best Buy, Amgen, Microfocus, Lenovo, PWC, Ikea, Gateway Casinos, UBS Bank & many banks and financial services firms and others across many industries.

Corey became an elite athlete early in life, provincially ranked in wrestling and nationally ranked in running. Having always been able to see the potential that was in front of him, he also realized the need for greater coaching and resources to help elite level athletes reach the pinnacle of their success. Enrolling in the military post-graduation fostered a “Grit Mindset” for Corey and a dedication to a purpose bigger than himself: that of protecting a country’s freedom. There, he learned the value in team cohesion and that any one of us is only as good as the rest of the team. Put these experiences together and it is clear why Corey has dedicated himself to helping teams perform at the highest level.
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”