The Countdown Begins: CNPL Championship Showdown in Mississauga

The excitement in the world of pickleball is palpable as we approach the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) playoffs, set to unfold at the prestigious One Health Clubs in Mississauga, Ontario, on September 30th and October 1st. After two thrilling regular season events filled with fierce competition and some unexpected wildcard upsets, the stage is now set for the ultimate showdown of the year. The CNPL playoffs are bound to be an electrifying spectacle, and you can secure your spot to witness this epic battle as format information and limited-capacity tickets go on sale via Showpass starting September 14th.

The CNPL’s regular season events had pickleball fans at the edge of their seats, as teams battled it out with a passion that could only be matched by their skills on the court. Unexpected upsets and wildcard performances added an element of suspense, leaving everyone wondering which teams would ultimately emerge as the top contenders.

Jessica Kawamoto of the Northern Rollers, a team looking to make a big comeback in the upcoming playoffs.

As the CNPL playoffs approach, fans are eagerly anticipating the unique format that will add an extra layer of excitement to the games. With some of the best pickleball talent in Canada going head-to-head, expect thrilling matches, strategic maneuvers, and intense rivalries. The playoff format is designed to push the players to their limits and deliver unforgettable moments on the court.

Chris Alain of the East Toronto Smash, a team excited to have their big star back in the lineup for the championship.

Given the growing popularity of pickleball and the anticipation surrounding the CNPL playoffs, securing your tickets early is a must. With a limited number of seats available, pickleball enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the Showpass website starting September 14th to guarantee their spot at this historic event.


Tentative schedule:

  • Saturday first half – Round 1
  • Saturday second half – Games 1 through 3 of backdraw
  • Sunday morning – Round 2
  • Sunday early afternoon – Games 4 and 5 of backdraw
  • Sunday mid day – Round 3 (First finals qualifier)
  • Sunday late afternoon – Games 6 of backdraw (Second finals qualifier)
  • Sunday evening – Finals

The CNPL playoffs at One Health Clubs are more than just a competition; they are a celebration of pickleball excellence in Canada. It’s a chance to witness the country’s top players push the boundaries of the sport, showcasing their skills, teamwork, and dedication to the game. Whether you’re a seasoned pickleball fanatic or new to the sport, this event promises to be a thrilling experience for all.

Kim Layton & Cam Rich of the Montreal Lions, a team with much to prove in these upcoming finals.

The CNPL playoffs at One Health Clubs in Mississauga, Ontario, are shaping up to be the Canadian pickleball event of the year. With suspense building over which teams will rise to the occasion and claim victory, the excitement is reaching fever pitch. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the CNPL playoffs firsthand. Mark your calendars for Sep 30 & Oct 1, secure your tickets, and get ready for two days of thrilling pickleball action that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s time to embrace the pickleball fever and be a part of history!

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