Re-tooled Vancouver Rush Compete Hard but Win Just One Match in 2024 Eastern Split

There may not have been much to crow about for the Vancouver Rush at the Eastern Split, however they did beat a tough Prairie Pronghorns team for their only victory. General Manager Warren Forsythe will have much to review, but also blocks to build from, including re-signed veterans Brett Forsythe (6-12 in nine matches) and Jordann Vigna (6-12 in nine matches, two Player of the Match awards).

Coming into the fold for the Rush this season are 13th draft pick Joseph Willemsen (6-12 in nine matches), 16th selection Sophia Racine (4-6 in five matches), 23rd pick Eugene Yui Mak (no matches played), 28th overall pick Ava Weeks (no matches played) and undrafted signee Hailey Almusa (0-8 in four matches).

Again, not the results they were hoping for, but a young-ish Rush side may pique later.

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