New Team Ownership Brings Excitement To Montreal In The Canadian National Pickleball League

May 20, 2023

The Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL) is thrilled to announce an exciting development for the Montreal team. Jay Devilliers, a formidable pro pickleball player ranked 4th in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), along with Eric Gagnon, President of WeSellRestaurants, and NRD Capital, a prominent private equity firm, have joined forces to become the proud new owners of the Montreal team in the CNPL. This dynamic partnership is set to bring a fresh wave of enthusiasm and expertise to the league, elevating the game of pickleball in the vibrant city of Montreal.

Jay Devilliers: A PPA Powerhouse

Jay Devilliers needs no introduction to pickleball enthusiasts. With an impressive ranking of 4th in the PPA, Devilliers has showcased his exceptional skills and passion for the sport on the professional circuit. His dedication to pickleball and his drive to continuously improve make him an invaluable addition to the Montreal team’s ownership group. Devilliers’ first-hand experience as a player will undoubtedly shape the team’s strategy, training programs, and player development initiatives.

Eric Gagnon: A Visionary Leader

Joining Devilliers is Eric Gagnon, an accomplished business leader and the President of WeSellRestaurants. Gagnon’s expertise in strategic planning, operational management, and business development will provide invaluable guidance to the Montreal team. His passion for the sport and commitment to fostering growth make him a perfect fit for the CNPL. Gagnon’s experience in the restaurant industry also brings a unique perspective on enhancing the overall fan experience and promoting pickleball within Montreal’s vibrant community.

NRD Capital: Investing in Success

Completing the ownership group is NRD Capital, a renowned private equity firm with a strong track record of successful investments. With a deep understanding of the sports and entertainment industry, NRD Capital brings substantial resources and expertise to support the Montreal team’s development. Their commitment to fostering growth and providing a platform for athletes to thrive aligns perfectly with the CNPL’s vision.

The acquisition of the Montreal team by this dynamic ownership group marks an exciting chapter for pickleball enthusiasts in Montreal and across Canada. With the combined expertise, passion, and resources of Devilliers, Gagnon, and NRD Capital, the team is poised for success in the CNPL. Their commitment to elevating the game, cultivating talent, and fostering a strong community around pickleball will undoubtedly make an impact not only within the league but also in the larger sporting landscape of Montreal.

As the inaugural season of the Canadian National Pickleball League approaches, anticipation is building, especially for the Montreal team under the new ownership group. Fans can expect thrilling matches, remarkable talent, and an unparalleled fan experience. The synergy between Devilliers’ on-court prowess, Gagnon’s visionary leadership, and NRD Capital’s strategic investments promises an unforgettable journey for players, fans, and pickleball enthusiasts alike.

The CNPL extends its warmest congratulations to Jay, Eric, and NRD Capital on their acquisition of the Montreal team. Together, they are set to make an indelible mark on the sport of pickleball, fostering its growth and igniting a passion for the game in Montreal – check out their welcome/intro video here!

Be sure to follow the CNPL (@officialcnpl) for updates and stay tuned for an exhilarating season ahead!

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