Fifteen Players Re-Signed to CNPL Teams

In the Canadian National Pickleball League’s buildup to its second season, Toronto United, the reigning champions, have made bold moves to secure their position at the top. Among the 15 players re-signed league-wide, Toronto United leads the pack with four essential talents staying put. Matt Kawamoto, recognized for his agility and strategic finesse, spearheads the lineup, backed by the formidable duo of Hannah Blatt and Mark Gottfried, whose precision and power have become synonymous with the team’s success. Completing the quartet is Carolina Hack, whose versatility and adaptability ensure Toronto United maintains its competitive edge. With these key players committed, Toronto United sets the stage for another thrilling season, poised to defend their title against an eager field of challengers eyeing pickleball glory.

Despite finishing sixth last season, the East Toronto Smash are gearing up for a formidable comeback in the upcoming Canadian National Pickleball League season, bolstered by the retention of three powerhouse players. Leading the charge is Dalbir Bhandal, renowned for his imposing size and unmatched strength on the court, providing a formidable presence at the net and a strategic backbone for the team. Alongside Bhandal, Jordann Vigna brings dynamic versatility and Leigh Bradwell contributes unwavering commitment, forming a trio of talent that promises to elevate the Smash’s performance. With these key players firmly in their ranks, East Toronto Smash sets their sights on a resurgence, poised to challenge the league’s elite and vie for pickleball supremacy in 2024.

The Vancouver Rush (formerly Rocky Mountain Rush) are gearing up for the 2024 Canadian National Pickleball League season with the retention of three pivotal players, each bringing their unique strengths to the court. Leading the charge is the illustrious Kim Layton, a multiple-time Nationals champion whose experience and expertise are unmatched. Alongside Layton, Christina Chin injects the team with her infectious energy and relentless determination, while Brett Forsythe adds power and precision to their arsenal. With this dynamic trio committed to the Rush, the team aims to forget their playoff struggles and capitalize on their momentum from last regular season.

The Prairie Pronghorns are primed for success in the upcoming 2024 Canadian National Pickleball League season, solidifying their roster with the retention of two pivotal players. Leading the charge is Kim Brent, whose unwavering tenacity and precision on the court have been instrumental to the team’s success. Joining Brent is Brad Chapman, a seasoned veteran with a history of gold medal triumphs and strategic brilliance. Chapman’s invaluable experience and keen strategic acumen make him a key asset for the Pronghorns as they aim to build upon their third-place finish last season. With this dynamic duo leading the charge, the Prairie Pronghorns are poised to make a formidable push for the championship title in the upcoming campaign.

The West Coast Wolverines are gearing up for another shot at the championship in the 2024 Canadian National Pickleball League, solidifying their roster with the re-signing of two vital players. Leading the charge is Haddow Thul, whose aggressive playstyle and unwavering determination have made him a linchpin for the Wolverines. Joining Thul is Joel “The Assassin” Pelletier, whose strategic prowess and court presence have been instrumental in the team’s success. With Thul and Pelletier back in the fold, the Wolverines are poised to build upon their second-place finish from last season and mount a serious challenge for the title in the upcoming campaign.

The Southwestern Ontario Brewers are set to brew up some excitement in the 2024 Canadian National Pickleball League with the re-signing of their star player, Mark Cleminson. Known for his strategic finesse and eye for the details on the court, Cleminson brings a wealth of experience to the Brewers’ lineup. With Cleminson’s commitment to the team, the Brewers aim to shake up the competition and climb the ranks in the upcoming season, showcasing their signature blend of skill and teamwork.

Moving on to the final two teams, who opted not to re-sign any players from the 2023 Canadian National Pickleball League season. For the Northern Rollers, this decision signals a desire to reassess their roster composition and potentially explore new talent acquisitions to bolster their chances of success. With a fresh perspective and renewed determination, the Northern Rollers are poised to make waves in the league and showcase their resilience on the court. Similarly, the Montreal Lions have opted for a strategic reset by refraining from re-signing any players from their previous roster. This bold decision underscores their commitment to reshaping their team dynamics and pursuing a new direction in their quest for success. As they embark on this journey of reinvention, the Montreal Lions are poised to leverage their resources and strategic planning to assemble a formidable lineup capable of challenging the league’s top contenders.

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