CNPL Media Partnership Announcement

The Canadian Professional Pickleball League (CNPL) is pleased to announce a partnership with Pickleball Today, Canada’s National Pickleball News Source

The CNPL launched its inaugural season this year with the mission of producing the highest level of competition and compensation for Canadian pickleball players, and at its core, is about more than just pickleball. This vision is fueled by a commitment to grow this sport across Canada, fostering a sense of community, competition, and camaraderie.

Coincidentally, Pickleball Today was also launched earlier this year with a vision to provide a dedicated news source for Canadian pickleball and the interests of the Canadian pickleball community. Covering everything of interest to Canadian pickleball players and fans, including, Canadian professional players, Canadian tournaments, clubs, federations, equipment companies, etc. They’ve also launched a search for Canada’s Best Pickleball Club of 2023. Final voting runs from Sept. 15, 2023, through Oct. 15, 2023, with this year’s Champion club to be announced thereafter. The final 11 clubs are from across the country, and nearly every province.

Pickleball Today has shared articles and information about the CNPL since its inception, and participated in the recent CNPL Eastern Split, with in-person coverage, articles and interviews with players, owners, and league executives throughout that event. With this partnership, Pickleball Today will continue to do so throughout 2023, by covering the upcoming CNPL Wester Split, this coming weekend, on September 2nd and 3rd , at the Expo Centre in Edmonton, as well as throughout the playoffs.

“It’s great to know that we have the support of local media outlets, but with a partnership like this, we are able to get dedicated coverage by an outlet that truly understands this sport and what is valuable to its Canadian fans,” says CNPL Commissioner, Mike McAninch.

Patrick Batty, Publisher of Pickleball Today said, “The Canadian National Pickleball League has provided a fantastic team-based platform for professional pickleball in Canada. We love their concept and execution. They have the best competitive professionals from across the country and are giving them a marvelous and rewarding competition, as well as providing fantastic sporting entertainment to the fans in attendance at their exciting events.” He goes on to say, “We and our readers are already excited about our past coverage, but more so we are thrilled with the opportunity and commitment both the CNPL and Pickleball Today are showing with this partnership and the continued commitment and mutual recognition that this partnership shows. Of course, we retain editorial independence but the wonderful team at the CNPL will help facilitate interviews, both during tournaments and throughout the year.”

Stay tuned for more exciting CNPL news brought to you by Pickleball Today!

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