CNPL Central Qualifier Details

The timings for this coming weekend are as follows, also see more details below:

Four Fathers Brewing Co.
125 Guelph Ave, Cambridge, ON N3C 1A5
@ back of building (Four Fathers Pickleball Society entrance)

10:00am – doors open
11:00am – female qualifiers begins
01:00pm – court shuffle and break
03:00pm – female qualifiers ends

03:30pm – open qualifiers begins
05:30pm – court shuffle and break
07:30pm – open qualifiers ends
08:30pm – doors close

08:30am – doors open
09:00am – group A mixed qualifiers begins
11:00am – court shuffle and break
01:00pm – group A mixed qualifiers ends

01:30pm – group B mixed qualifiers begins
03:30pm – court shuffle and break
05:30pm – group B mixed qualifiers ends
06:30pm – doors close


The play modified rules are as follows; rally scoring games to a hard score of 21, (if we find that games are taking too long we may reduce to a hard score of 15), there will be no freeze, and you have to win by only 1. The ball being used is the DuraFast 40 green. All other USAP rules will apply.

The goal of this event is to see as many different matchups as possible so that teams can analyze the data and see who they may want to draft for the 2024 season. We will be playing a kings/queens court format. After each match the winning team will move up a court and the losing team will move down a court. Each pair will split at this point so that players who were partners in the previous game are now opponents.

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