Canadian National Pickleball League Welcomes a Dynamic Team Ownership Group of Canadian First Responders

June 11, 2023

In an exciting development for the Canadian National Pickleball League (CNPL), a new team ownership group has emerged, comprising a passionate cohort of Canadian first responders. Led by Brett Forsythe, CEO and Founder of Poach Pickleball, this dedicated group includes Kim Forsythe, a retired Registered Nurse, Warren Forsythe, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officer, and Matt Forsythe, an active firefighter. Joining forces with them is Lucas McCarthy, CEO, and Founder of Showpass. Together, they bring a unique blend of expertise, passion, and a deep connection to the community. Their involvement in the CNPL promises to elevate the league’s standing and create an impact beyond the game.

Brett Forsythe, a prominent figure in the pickleball community as the CEO and Founder of Poach Pickleball, spearheads this enterprising ownership group. With a clear vision for the future of pickleball in Canada, Forsythe aims to establish the CNPL as a premier sporting league and a platform for nurturing and showcasing top talent.

The inclusion of Kim Forsythe, a retired Registered Nurse, brings a valuable perspective on health and wellness to the ownership group. Kim’s background in healthcare will ensure the well-being of players and the implementation of safety measures within the league. Her experience and knowledge will contribute significantly to the overall success of the CNPL.

Warren Forsythe, a retired RCMP Officer, brings a wealth of organizational skills and leadership qualities to the group. Having served in a high-pressure environment, Warren’s expertise in maintaining order and managing operations will be invaluable in creating a seamless experience for teams, players, and fans alike.

Matt Forsythe, an active firefighter, adds a unique perspective to the ownership group. His commitment to service and protecting the community aligns perfectly with the values of the CNPL. Matt’s understanding of teamwork and perseverance, essential qualities in the face of adversity, will undoubtedly inspire the players and contribute to the league’s growth.

Lucas McCarthy, CEO and Founder of Showpass, brings a wealth of experience in event management and ticketing solutions to the ownership group. With his expertise, McCarthy will play a crucial role in enhancing the fan experience, ensuring efficient operations, and driving the overall success of the CNPL.

The involvement of Canadian first responders in the CNPL ownership group goes beyond their love for pickleball. It symbolizes their dedication to serving the community, both on and off the court. As individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting and caring for others, their presence in the league exemplifies the values of resilience, teamwork, and community engagement.

The ownership group aims to leverage the CNPL’s platform to make a positive impact on society. They plan to collaborate with local charities and community organizations, supporting causes related to first responders, health and wellness, and youth development. By leveraging the popularity of pickleball, the ownership group hopes to raise awareness and funds for these important initiatives, further cementing the CNPL’s position as a force for positive change. Check out the team owners’ introduction video here!

The Canadian National Pickleball League’s new team ownership group, consisting of Canadian first responders Brett Forsythe, Kim Forsythe, Warren Forsythe, and Matt Forsythe, in partnership with Lucas McCarthy, marks an exciting chapter in the league’s history. Their collective expertise, passion, and commitment to the community are invaluable assets that will undoubtedly propel the CNPL to new heights. With a clear vision and a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact, the ownership group is poised to shape the league’s future and inspire players and fans across Canada. As the CNPL continues to grow and flourish, the involvement of these remarkable individuals ensures that the league remains a symbol of excellence, community engagement, and the unwavering spirit of Canadian first responders.

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