Backdraw game 2



Date Time League Season Home Away Court
September 30, 2023 5:00 pm Canadian National Pickleball League 2023 Brewers Smash 1


One Health Clubs
2021, Cliff Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 3Z1, Canada


Brewers Get Measure of Revenge Eliminating Smash

Smash Erase Early Deficit to Beat Brewers in Women’s Game

Both teams came into this match after disappointing losses in the first draw of the 2023 playoffs. So, both had something to prove, especially the Brewers, who had also lost twice previously to the Smash in the Splits. However, it was to be a rocky start for the Brewers, as the Smash’s Jordann Vigna and Leigh Bradwell came back from being down early to triumph 15-12.

The Brewers Christina Chin and Reese George were underdogs, given that this was just George’s second match. But George played a seasoned vet, ripping backhand and forehand winners to put the Brewers up 2-0. Bradwell and Vigna wouldn’t be denied, though, as both made a pair of good shots each to take a 6-4 lead and force a timeout.

Unforced errors accounted for much of the scoring after the break, with Chin getting in on the action with a nice cross to make the score 11-9 Smash, followed two points later by a George ATP that tied it 11-11. The Smash wouldn’t be denied, using a variety of clever shots to win out, including a net cord by Vigna.

Persistence Pays Off as Brewers Gain Tie in Pivotal Men’s Contest

For the longest time in this game, it looked like the Brewers were going down 2-0 and staring elimination square in the face. However, Mark Cleminson and Jeff Elwood certainly pulled victory from the jaws of defeat against the formidable Smash duo of Dalbir Bhandal and Chris Alain, 15-13.

Elwood, who would be Player of the Match, struggled early on, making four unforced errors as the Smash got out to a 5-3 lead. But, in his game fashion, he along with Cleminson moved the needle to trail 6-5, but again an unforced error and great dinking by the Smash led to a Brewers timeout and the score 8-5 Smash.

The Smash played this game well, targeting Elwood, instead of Cleminson’s big reach, but it backfired after a while. Cleminson was able to free himself to make great set up shots, allowing the Brewers to tie it up 11-11 and later take a 13-11 lead on an Elwood set up to force a time out. After the reset, Elwood launched a forehand howitzer for a 14-12 lead and he and Cleminson won it on an amazing defensive rally.

Brewers Hang on to Clip Smash in Mixed Doubles

When facing the Smash’s dynamic duo of Dalbir Bhandal and Jordann Vigna, it’s best not to sit on your laurels. The Brewers Mark Cleminson and Reese George found that out, having to scratch out a big 15-12 win after being ahead by as many as seven points.

Cleminson and Bhandal dominated early proceedings, with the former completing crafty set up shots and Bhandal smoking an overhand winner to see the two teams tied 4-4. Cleminson and Geoge the went on an extended run, playing superb defense and making all manner of shots to go ahead 10-4. Bhandal put a soft cross down the line for a Smash point, but Cleminson answered with a signature backhand to put the Brewers up 12-5 and force a timeout.

The break was beneficial to the Smash, as they chipped away steadily at the Brewers lead, forcing a timeout after what they felt was an incorrect out call to make the score 13-10. The Smash rallied after the break, with Vigna supplying a stinging backhand to make it 13-12. The Brewers, however, adjusted accordingly, winning it on a great backhand cross from George.

Brewers Overpower Smash in Late Stages to Win Game and Match

Just like a boxing match, the Brewers mixed doubles team of Jeff Elwood and Christina Chin went toe-to-toe with the Smash’s Leigh Bradwell and Chris Alain. And outcome was a TKO and a match victory for the Brewers, who tallied six straight points after a timeout was called by the Smash and the score tied 9-9.

With the score tied 5-5 and the teams still feeling each other out in this key contest, the Smash made two critical unforced errors, with both Bradwell and Alain going side out on consecutive serve returns. While they were able to reel in the Brewers with some great shooting and dinking, that stanza was a turning point.

After the timeout, Player of the Match Elwood put his mark on this game, setting up Bhandal to go side out and two points later smashing a Dura ball so hard for a point the Smash opted for a timeout. It didn’t help, with Chin hitting a good cross for a point and then two more Smash unforced errors making winners of the Brewers and sending the Smash home.




Player Player of the Match Category wins Category PF Category PA Mixed wins Mixed PF Mixed PA Mixed partner
Christina Chin0012151159Jeff Elwood
Jeff Elwood1115131159Christina Chin
Mark Cleminson01151311512Reese George
Reese George00121511512Mark Cleminson


Player Player of the Match Category wins Category PF Category PA Mixed wins Mixed PF Mixed PA Mixed partner
Chris Alain0013150915Leigh Bradwell
Dalbir Bhandal00131501215Jordann Vigna
Jordann Vigna01151201215Dalbir Bhandal
Leigh Bradwell0115120915Chris Alain

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