Toronto United Pickleball Club vs Prairie Pronghorns



Date Time League Season Home Away Court
May 25, 2024 11:30 am Canadian National Pickleball League 2024 United Pronghorns 3


One Health Clubs
2021, Cliff Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 3Z1, Canada


Pronghorns Bounce Defending Champion United 3-1

Pronghorns Women Use Late Rally to Outlast United

Having already lost one match start the Eastern Split, the 0-1 champion Toronto United were looking for some redemption against the 1-0 Prairie Pronghorns in both teams second match. Well, the Pronghorns Women’s duo of Emma Li and Kim Brent assured it would be a tough row to hoe for United, as they poured it on in the late stages to whip United’s Carolina Hack and Sneha Iyer 21-15.

This game was very tight through the first 16 points, with Brent displaying Player of the Match credentials, including a wicked drop for a point and great defense with partner Li, on the way to an 8-8 tie. The Pronghorns then built the game’s first multi-point lead, taking advantage of United errors, only to have their opponents claw back to within one at 12-11.

But Brent and Li took over from there, both working United for points. For her part, rookie Iyer made some incredible shots herself, including two unreturnable crosses to keep it close. After Brent made an uncharacteristic error to make the score 18-15, the Pronghorns closed it out, one point coming on a United foot fault.

Pronghorns Emerge Triumphant in See-Saw Men’s Battle

In a game United needed to even things up, the Pronghorns had other ideas, winning an entertaining back-and-forth tilt 21-19. In this veteran affair, the Pronghorns Brad Chapman and Jeff Elwood built a commanding 6-0 lead early, only to see United’s Mark Gottfried and Chris Alain climb steadily back to within a point at 10-9.

As much as dinking and great shot-making had a hand in both team’s fortunes, unforced errors played a key role. Down only one, Alain and Gottfried then either hit the Selkirk net or returned the Dura ball long off serve to hand the Pronghorns a 15-10 cushion. Alain, however, went to work on the Pronghorns, making three huge shots in a span that saw United tie things up 16-16.

After a couple of lead changes, Gottfried fired an overhand winner that gave United a 19-18 lead but were forced to take a timeout when Chapman sent a vicious backhand set-up that was returned into the net. The Pronghorns then scored the next point for a 20-19 freeze and then, amazingly, it held for eight straight plays until the Pronghorns finally won it.

Pronghorns Cement Match Win with Dominant Mixed Victory

This one was clearly a show of superior Pickleball skills, with Player of the Match Kim Brent and partner Jeff Elwood firing on all cylinders in a complete 21-15 win over United’s Mark Gottfried and Sneha Iyer. In quick time, the Pronghorns forced United into many unforced errors, leading to a timeout with the Pronghorns up 8-3. The Pronghorns would tack on another three-spot and only an Iyer overhand kept it reasonably close at 11-5.

Gottfried and Iyer then went on a bit of a run of their own, outscoring the Pronghorns 4-2 to make it 13-9. Brent then put her skills on display in the next few plays, smashing two great backhands for points, allowing the Pronghorns to go ahead 18-12. United didn’t wilt, though, with Iyer setting up a normally steady Brent for a net return and Gottfried pounding an overhand that ate the Pronghorns up, moving the score to 18-15. Iyer made an unforced error for a Pronghorns point, followed by Brent putting the cherry on top of another superb game with a seeing-eye lob that put proceedings at 20-15 freeze. The Pronghorns won the game, and the match, on a nicely played rally.

United Surprises Pronghorns with Comeback Win in Final Game

Based on the outcome, suffice to say no one should ever tell Carolina Hack and Chris Alain that any game is a “nothing” game. Having already conceded the match after three straight Pronghorns victories, Hack and Alain and the unenvious task of taking down Emma Li and Brad Chapman to salvage a victory. They came through, overcoming several Pronghorns’ leads to clip them 21-20.

From the get-go, United was a bit better, though neither team made any outstanding or highlight reel shots with Toronto going up 7-5 at one point. However, both Alain and Hack sent shots long to allow the Pronghorns to tie it at 7-7 and again later at 9-9. Chapman then ignited a rally, smashing an Erne that hit Alain, followed by a forehand to give his team a 12-9 lead. Alain and Hack then rebounded, and soon enough it was 15-15.

The Pronghorns were the better for the next eight points, getting to freeze at 20-18, but Chapman then sent a serve long and United rallied for a 20-20 freeze and timeout. The rallied to win it on some great dinking.


Lead RefereeSecond Referee
Rhonda BrassardCatherine Cote




Player Player of the Match Category wins Category PF Category PA Mixed wins Mixed PF Mixed PA Mixed partner
Carolina Hack00152112120Chris Alain
Chris Alain00192112120Carolina Hack
Mark Gottfried00192101521Sneha Iyer
Sneha Iyer00152111521Mark Gottfried


Player Player of the Match Category wins Category PF Category PA Mixed wins Mixed PF Mixed PA Mixed partner
Brad Chapman01211902021Emma Li
Emma Li01211502021Brad Chapman
Jeff Elwood01211912115Kim Brent
Kim Brent11211512115Jeff Elwood

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