Rush vs Smash



Date Time League Season Home Away Court
September 2, 2023 4:40 pm Canadian National Pickleball League 2023 Rush Smash 1


Edmonton Expo Centre
Edmonton Expo Centre, 7515, 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton Northlands, Greater Highlands, Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 0J2, Canada


Rush Cruise to 4-Game Match Victory over Smash

Rush Come Back to Nip Smash in Women’s Doubles

While there were some good extended rallies in this first game, the number of unforced errors played a huge factor. The Rush team of Alex Walker and Casey Rodgers overcame an early three-point deficit to barely escape with a victory over the Smash’s Jordann Vigna and Leigh Bradwell.

Vigna was prominent at the start, smacking a great cross and then rallying nicely with Bradwell to build a 5-2 lead. Vigna also made a nice return off a Rush net cord shot to keep her team ahead 6-3. Both teams, however, hit returns into the Selkirk net often, with the Smash benefiting to the tune of a 7-4 lead.

Queue the Rush comeback. In quick succession, Rodgers and Walker chipped away at the margin, with Walker making a nice set up that forced Vigna into a net return – again – to trim it to 7-6. Both teams rallied with elan before Walker tied it with a wicked overhand. Two net returns later, the Smash took a much-needed time out, down 9-7.

The rest didn’t quite go in the Smash’s favor, as the Rush continued to dominate the kitchen, forcing more Smash net returns to take a commanding 13-9 lead. But the Smash didn’t wilt, as Bradwell fired an overhand winner and then teamed with Vigna to play consistent offense and make the Smash make two unforced errors and take a time out at 13-12.

A rested Rodgers pounded an overhand to get to 14-12 freeze, however, the Smash fought right back with Bradwell firing a big crossing shot and Vigna contributing an Erne to tie it. Fittingly, though, the match ended when Vigna returned yet another shot into the net.

Smash Men Fight Hard, but Still Lose to Rush

The relatively new Smash men’s doubles team of Brent Jackson and Connor Weeks nearly pulled off the improbable against Rush veterans Brett Forsythe and Nathan Choi. Down by as much as six early on, and then nine at freeze, they forced the Rush to make several holds before losing 15-11.

From the start, Choi and Forsythe schooled their counterparts in dinking and speeding up play appropriately. Choi supplied two brilliant overhands and Forsythe contributed a hard backhand flick in the opening sequence, with the Smash calling a time out trailing 7-2. It didn’t get much better from there for Jackson and Weeks, who couldn’t match their opponents’ defense to offense transitions, nor match their rallying ability.

Eventually, the Rush pushed the score to 14-5, after Weeks’ attempt at an overhand winner found nothing but Selkirk net. The Smash, needing a breather, called a timeout. It was just the tonic, as the Smash found another gear and forcing their more experienced opponents to hold at freeze after Smash points. In succession, Choi and Forsythe made six unforced errors to hand the Smash points, interspersed with good offensive/defensive play for holds. Finally, with the score 14-11, Forsythe smashed a flick that eluded Weeks and Jackson for the win.

Rush Hold Off Smash in Mixed Doubles for Match Triumph

Another game, another furious rally that just fell short for the East Toronto Smash. Connor Weeks and Jordann Vigna gave it all they had to try and keep the Smash in match but fell to Nathan Choi and Casey Rodgers 15-13 – again holding the Rush at freeze for several plays.

The Smash, unlike the previous game, came out with gusto in this one, playing astute defense and getting a great Weeks’ backhand down the line for a point, followed shortly after by a Vigna set up that Choi returned side out, for a 4-2 lead. Both teams made unforced errors after that, including an uncharacteristic long return on serve by Choi. And back and forth the two squads went, until the Rush tied it at 8-8 when Choi dropped a beauty highlight reel shot that eluded Vigna.

The Smash continued to play staunch defense and forced the Rush to take a timeout after they dinked well together and Weeks putting them in the lead 10-9 with a hard cross. They gave a point back right away, though, when Vigna returned serve into the net and soon found themselves down 13-11 when Rodgers made a nice volley. Vigna, for her part, set up Rodgers beautifully for two net returns to tie it, however, all that good work was undone when a mildly controversial return went side out to put the game at 14-13, Rush in control.

Like the previous game, the Smash didn’t go down without a fight, holding off the Rush for six straight plays. But the big paddle of Choi factored in the game-winner, as he launched an overhand missile down the middle for the win and the match.

Smash Salvage Some Pride with Impressive Comeback Win

With the match already settled in favor of the Rush, the Smash had little to play for in the final mixed doubles tilt, other than pride. Someone should have told Leigh Bradwell. The 42-year-old, 10th overall pick, was a fiery, controversial presence on the Pickleroll floor, leading her and Brent Jackson to a come-from-behind 15-14 victory.

This one started quietly, with some unforced errors costing both teams points, until the Rush’s Brett Forsythe lit up the Smash’s Brent Jackson with an Erne for a 5-3 Rush lead. After Bradwell answered with a superb crossing shot winner, Forsythe then tagged Bradwell with another Erne, just before Jackson smacked an overhand to keep the Smash within one at 6-5.

The teams traded points for a few plays, highlighted by a Jackson Erne that hit Forsythe, and after some great dinking by both teams, the Smash were forced to take a time out down 11-8. The break didn’t benefit the Smash who squandered opportunities for points, leading to a bit of controversy, courtesy of Bradwell. After returning a volley into the net, she slammed the ball back into the net, drawing an admonition from the referee.

That seemed to light a fire in her team, with her and Jackson valiantly holding the Rush at freeze, starting at 14-10. They forced the Rush to make more uncharacteristic errors, eventually evening things up at 14-14. Two holds later, the Smash won it after some great team dinking and a Jackson set-up that the Rush smacked back into the net.




Player Player of the Match Category wins Category PF Category PA Mixed wins Mixed PF Mixed PA Mixed partner
Alex Walker01151401415Brett Forsythe
Brett Forsythe01151101415Alex Walker
Casey Rodgers01151411513Nathan Choi
Nathan Choi11151111513Casey Rodgers

General Manager: Brett Forsythe


Player Player of the Match Category wins Category PF Category PA Mixed wins Mixed PF Mixed PA Mixed partner
Jordann Vigna00141501315Connor Weeks
Leigh Bradwell00141511514Brent Jackson
Brent Jackson00111511514Leigh Bradwell
Connor Weeks00111501315Jordann Vigna

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